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29 Sept 12   Tatton Park, Knutsford.  Mostly sunny.

The Tatton Park Biennial art exhibition was taking place.  This year's theme - 'Flights of Fancy'.

'Vex' by Dinu Li, a crashed flying saucer.

1955 Scammell truck housing a generator for a Victorian fairground ride.

Topiary hedge.

'The Cartland Institute For Romance Research' by the Ultimate Holding Company.

In the Japanese garden.

'The Mars Society' by Tom Dale.

'African Hut'.

'In Other Worlds, I Love You' by David Cotterrell.
This was supposed to be a mini planetarium but it wasn't working.

Fame, the Roman goddess of news and rumour.

'Empty Nest' by Hilary Jack.  A human scale rook's nest.

Scarecrow in the kitchen garden.

In the conservatory.

Tatton Hall.

Mercury, the winged messenger of the gods.

Cedar of Lebenon.

The Hall from the Italian Gardens.

The Italian Gardens.

Tatton Hall.

One of the park residents.

Red Deer, Cervus elaphus

The Ruskin Rooms, Knutsford.
Former reading rooms and fire station c1900, grade 2 listed.

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