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13 Jun 12   What a day..!  First tram arrived in Droylsden and also the Oldham line opened to passengers.  
I was there for both so I'll split today's photographs into two pages, first....

The first Metrolink tram arrives in Droylsden.

But first we found out that the CCTV and PA systems were working.  The barriers had been removed and there was nobody
about so I ventured on to the platform for a quick photo.  A short time later a voice came out of the ether saying we were
being watched and 'our actions were being recorded'.  Oops...!

Edge Lane stop, looking west.

2.53am and here it is...!  On Ashton New Road, just approaching the Tameside boundary.
The last tram to come along here was on the 30th July 1938.

You wait 74 years for a tram then two come along at once.  Two 'bananas' (it's yellow and bends in the middle) coupled up.

Moving at walking pace it crosses the border into Tameside.

At the Edge Lane crossroads.

Crossing Edge Lane.

Slowly into the Edge Lane stop, checking clearance as they go.

At Edge Lane stop, looking towards Droylsden Centre, Manor Road going off left.
That's not my tripod, there were a couple of others taking photos.

At Edge Lane stop.

At Edge Lane stop.

At Edge Lane stop.

Checking clearances.

Moving very slowly out of the stop.

Gently does it.

Off it goes down Manchester Road heading for Droylsden centre.

I was going to follow it and take some more pictures but I was offered a lift down to Trafford Bar
to catch the first tram heading for Oldham - how could I resist.

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