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12 Jun 12    I was supposed to be heading for Scotland this week but it was announced a few days ago that dynamic testing
on the Metrolink line would begin from tonight.  So Scotland has been postponed for a few days - I've been photographing
the construction progress since it started and I'm determined to photograph the very first Metrolink tram to come to Droylsden.

It was also announced that passenger services to Oldham would begin on Wednesday the 13th.
Typical, you wait twenty odd years for a tram then they all come at once...!

The main road up to Droylsden was due to be closed between 11.00pm and 5.00am
so a little after midnight I jumped on my bike to see if there was anything happening
and indeed the road had been closed, here at the Edge Lane crossroads.

I continued down towards Manchester but the only thing stirring was a fox
which was stood right in the middle of Ashton New Road, outside the stadium.  
By the time I had swung my camera up to my eye it had trotted off through some railings.  
Sorry about the blur - very slow shutter speed.

Clayton Hall stop - the barriers have been removed across the track
but otherwise nothing stirs.

Back at Edge Lane they had started to open the road again.  Apparently there was a
problem with the overhead further down the line so testing has been cancelled for tonight.  
I had a ride up to Droylsden before going home and noticed the PID
(Passenger Information Display) was working at the Cemetery Road stop.

Oh well, maybe tomorrow the 13th might be a lucky day.

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