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25 May 12   Tram to Altrincham, then walked to Stretford along the Bridgewater Canal, tram back to
Manchester, then walked back to Droylsden along the Ashton Canal.  Hot and sunny.

The Budenberg HAUS Projekte apartments (Norman Foster & Partners for Urban Splash).

The Budenberg HAUS Projekte and the Bridgewater Canal, Altrincham.

Old Bank building, Old Market Place.

The 'Altrincham Trader' sculpture.  Colin Spofforth, 2007.

The Clock Tower, 1880.  Grade 2 listed.

The Bridgewater Canal on the way to Sale.

The 'King's Ransom', Sale.  On a hot day like this I would pay a King's Ransom for a pint.  
However, there was a queue with shipping orders for food and after waiting ten minutes
with still no sign of being served I gave up and went across the canal to the Railway,
where I got served straight away.  And very nice it was too, seein' you asked.

Sale Waterside.

'Portrait Bench', Sustrans Connect2 project.  I wonder who's bright idea it was to
place a rust coloured sculpture in front of a brick wall of almost identical colour.

Canalside apartments and narrowboats, Sale.

'Stretford Reach', by Paul Bearman and Stephen Hitchin.

Manchester.  The 'Square One' building, a former Parcelforce warehouse now
converted to offices.  Roger Stephenson & Partners for Bruntwood.

The 'Fabrica' development on Great Ancoats Street, New Islington.
Offices and Hotel.  5Plus Architects.

The New Islington arm off the Ashton Canal is now open at last.

The Chips building from a new perspective.

Swing Bridge over a side basin.

A very wide angle shot.

Islington Wharf apartments.

They look comfortable but I think I would need a cushion or two.

I think she's probably getting fed up of me wandering around with my camera.

Milliner's Wharf apartments.

Derelict factory and Milliner's Wharf.

The City of Manchester Stadium (or Etihad Stadium as we're
supposed to call it now) and the Ashton Canal.

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