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24 May 12   A walk to Dukinfield via Ashton, train back to Fairfield, then walked back through Droylsden.  Sunny.

Audenshaw gyratory.  Lots of activity to get this major junction finished.

The tram tracks near the Snipe Inn are now finished.

Lord Sheldon Way, Ashton.  The tracks are finished across the roundabout.

Ashton. Sculpture of a miner on Market Avenue.

Statue of Colonel Robert Duckenfield (1619-89), outside the Town Hall, Dukinfield.
Colonel Robert Duckenfield was a man of great Puritan faith and was one of the leading Parliamentarians
in the Civil War.  He defended Stockport Bridge against Prince Rupert and conducted the siege of
Wythenshawe.  He became High Sheriff of Cheshire in 1625 and in 1650, during the Commonwealth
period, he was made the Governor of Chester.  In 1651 he commanded the forces which secured
the Isle of Man and in 1653 was appointed to Cromwell's 'Little Parliament'.

Colonel Robert Duckenfield.

Dukinfield Town Hall (1901).

Ironwork at the base of the fingerpost.

Back to Droylsden, where the town clock now has a fancy stone base and flowers.

And a fancy new sign for the town centre

More signs going up at the Cemetery Road stop.

Not long now, I hope, before the 'Trams to Manchester' become a reality.

More line painting.

This gadget grinds the concrete alongside the rail to ensure that it's level with the rail.

They were packing up when I passed.  When in use it has a
cover over it and a water hose connected, to dampen the dust.

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