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24 April 12   A walk to Ashton, partly to have a look at the latest Metrolink works but mainly to try out my latest gadget,
an Easytagger GPS unit.  This embeds latitude, longitude, and altitude coordinates into the file as you take the photograph
and the locations can then be viewed on Google Maps using Geosetter software.  Nikon make their own GPS unit
but this is of course expensive, being Nikon.   Another advantage of the Easytagger is that it also has an inbuilt
electronic compass, which the Nikon doesn't have, so it will also display the direction of view.   I found this to be a
bit temperamental though, as it didn't always record the correct heading (actually, it was recording the same heading
as the previous shot).  Between shots I normally slip the camera into the case, which means it's pointing down, and I
think it needs to be held horizontally for a few seconds before it reorientates itself.  I'll have to investigate this further
and might have to rethink how I carry the camera if the headings are likely to be important.

Geosetter also reads the focal length of the lens from the exif data and displays (roughly) the angle of view.

The Easytagger was ordered directly from China and cost 85.15 including postage.  It took sixteen days to arrive.

The Droylsden Centre re-vamp is nearly finished.

Wiring up the shelters on the Droylsden tram stop.

The overhead lines have now reached the Droylsden stop.

This is where one line branches off for the crossover turnback track.

Lord Sheldon Way looking towards Ashton Centre.

Lord Sheldon Way.

A screenshot of Geosetter showing the position of the last photo superimposed on Google Maps,
together with the compass heading and the angle of view, all done by just clicking on the thumbnail ......

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