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28 Mar 12   A round from Glossop.  Mill Hill via Harry Hut, down Ashop Clough to near the Snake Inn,
up Lady Clough to the summit of the Doctor's Gate path, then over Bleaklow and back to Glossop
via Yellowslacks.  Warm and sunny, though a little hazy.

Shelf Brook, near Old Glossop.

Near the summit of Mill Hill.  Wreckage of a B-24J Liberator which crashed on the
11th October 1944.  Fortunately the two crew on board escaped with minor injuries.

Bleaklow from Mill Hill.

Kinder Scout from Mill Hill.

Ashop Clough, below Ashop Edge.

It's been quite a long while since I've been along Ashop Clough and I'd forgotten how good it is.
 It has a feeling of remoteness about it that you don't get in many places in the Peak District.

Ashop Clough.

Water quality monitoring kit.

Ruined hut in Ashop Clough.

Ashop Clough and Ashop Edge.

The Wain Stones on Bleaklow Head.

Yellowslacks Clough.

Helicopter warning sign.

Last look up the valley of Shelf Brook.

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