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5 Mar 12   Manchester - Bury - Salford - Manchester.    Sunny.

The 42nd Street Charity building again, this time with the front door open.

More about this building here.

The 42nd Street Charity building - rear view.

Bury.  The parish church at North Back Rock.

The Rock development.

The Rock.

'Metamorphic Light', a sculpture by Jo Fairfax and Adam Spinos of Look4ideas Design.

More views of The Rock development.

Gallipoli Gardens, Silver Street.

Gallipoli Gardens.

Gallipoli Gardens.

Imitation water wheel, Silver Street.

The Premier Inn building.

Salford Quays.  Giant TV screen under construction.

Trafford Wharf, Salford Quays.

Quay West building and the 'Where the Wild Things Were' sculpture.

Manchester.  The Corporation Street footbridge.

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