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Peak District

19 Feb 12   A round of Longdendale from Crowden.  Cold but sunny.

Woodhead reservoir over Brockholes quarry, Crowden.

Ice patterns.

On the path to Lad's Leap on Rakes Moss.

More ice.

Torside and Rhodeswood reservoirs from the Tintwistle Knarr quarry track.

On the Tintwistle Knarr quarry track.

Valehouse and Bottoms reservoirs from the Tintwistle Knarr quarry track.

The road to the Rhodeswood reservoir dam.

A couple of cyclists alongside Rhodeswood reservoir.

The overflow outlet of Torside reservoir.

Sailing below Brockhole quarry, Crowden.

Torside reservoir from the Pennine Way at the foot of Torside Clough on Bleaklow.

Walkers in the upper reaches of Torside Clough, Bleaklow.

Looking back down Torside Clough towards Longdendale.

The Wain Stones, Bleaklow Head.

I had been hearing helicopters for most of the day and by the time I reached the Bleaklow plateau
they were flying directly over me.  Two of them were flying back and forth carrying loads from near Glossop
on to the Bleaklow plateau.  The noise got a bit annoying after a while but it's all in a good cause.
 It's a part of the major Moors for the Future project for the conservation of peatlands.

Bell 205A-1, operated by Agrarflug Helilift.
Two videos of it in operation - here (Saddleworth) and here (Glossop).

Agusta-Bell AB.206B JetRanger II.

Yet another helicopter picked up the ground crew.
An Aerospatiale AS350B1 Ecureuil.

This is what they were lifting - heather brash.

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