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1 Feb 12   A round from Glossop.  Cold and mainly sunny.  Bleaklow via Yellowslacks, then to
Mill Hill via the Pennine Way, then over Harry Hut and the Worm Stones back to Glossop.

Approaching Bleaklow Head above Yellowslacks Brook.

The Wain Stones.

The Kinder Scout plateau from Bleaklow.

Kinder Scout and Mill Hill from Bleaklow.  The snowman looks like he's had a rough night.

Bleaklow from near the Devil's Dike.

The Pennine Way at the Snake Pass road.

The pool by the roadside is frozen hard.

Ashop Clough and the Kinder Scout plateau from the path to Mill Hill.

The Kinder Scout plateau from the path to Mill Hill.

Hard going if you stray off the path.

Kinder Scout from the summit of Mill Hill.

One of the controversial Trailblaze checkpoints on Mill Hill summit.
The checkpoints record the time when runners pass on special Trailblaze timing tags.

Mill Hill from the trig point on Harry Hut.

The Worm Stones.

The Longdendale hills over Glossop, from the Worm Stones.

At the Worm Stones.
I hadn't done this route via the Worm Stones before and it was my intention to
work my way to the right from here back to Old Glossop, avoiding the main road.  
Unfortunately, it was at this point I discovered I'd left the map behind in the car.... oops!
 So I 'followed my nose' towards Glossop and fortunately managed to find a route back mainly off road.

A last glimpse of snow covered Bleaklow.

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