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14 Jan 12   Train to Hope village then over Win Hill and Kinder Scout to
Edale station for the train back to Manchester.  Cold and sunny, a fine winter's day.

Mam Tor from Hope village.

A fine frosty morning.

Mam Tor from the path to Win Hill.

A fell runner on the summit of Win Hill.

The track on the east ridge of Win Hill.  The Hope valley on the left.

Lose Hill from near Wooler Knoll.

Mountain biker on the old Roman road above Edale End.  Kinder Scout behind..

Back Tor and Mam Tor.

Sheep admiring the view.  Well, you can't blame them.

Looking back at my route from Win Hill, just left of centre in the distance.

On the Kinder plateau now, Grindsbrook Clough from Ringing Roger.

Grindsbrook Clough.

Eroded Millstone Grit on the plateau.

Edale from the edge.

Mount Famine from Kinder Scout.

Among the Woolpacks.

Despite the sunshine it's still frozen hard.

Difficult to drop down off the tops on such a perfect day, though the
temperature wasn't conducive to hanging around for too long.

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