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12 Nov 11   A walk to Ashton.  Sunny.

Manchester Road - another length of track laid.

Villemomble Square, Droylsden, now clear of works.
A bit sparse at the moment but we are promised benches, planters etc.

Villemomble Square.

East of Droylsden, another stretch of freshly poured concrete.

Audenshaw.  Rails in position on the off street section.

Behind the Snipe Inn.

Lord Sheldon Way, Ashton, where the tracks cross to the central reservation.

Further along Lord Sheldon Way the outbound track is in place.

The future Ashton West stop.

The conservatory, Stamford Park, Ashton.

Inside the conservatory.

Stamford park is undergoing a major refurbishment at the moment so a lot of it is fenced off.
Also memorable as being the location, when I was about 10 or 12 years old, of one of my
earliest rock climbing exploits, which resulted in a broken ankle.

An artwork by local school children.

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