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2 Nov 11   Walked to Newton Heath to photograph the new police headquarters. Then jumped on a bus
to Oldham, mainly to visit Gallery Oldham where there was an exhibition of contemporary ceramics.
 Sunny in the morning but gradually clouded over later.

Newton Heath library.  Murals by Jai Moodie.

The 'finback' bridge which takes the Metrolink Oldham line over the existing heavy rail line.

Greater Manchester Police Divisional Headquarters, Central Park.  Aedas, 2011.

Greater Manchester Police Divisional Headquarters.

Greater Manchester Police Divisional Headquarters.

Greater Manchester Police Authority HQ, Central Park.
And 'The Seed' by Colin Spofforth, 2005.

Greater Manchester Police Authority HQ.  Aedas, 2011.

The Blue Lamp.

The new HQ from the Transport Interchange.

The new Transport Interchange (at least it will be when the trams start running).

Oldham.  Utility diversion work prior to laying the Metrolink tracks through the town centre.

Stylised Pheonix on a wall.

Sign post.

The Lyceum building, 1856.  Grade II listed.

Gallery Oldham.  Pringle Richards Sharratt, 2002.

Gallery Oldham.

Gallery Oldham.

Artwork next to the Union Street Library.  Details not known.

Oldham Mumps Temporary stop.  The Metrolink trams will eventually run through the
town centre streets but not until 2014.  In the meantime a temporary track has been
built on the old Oldham Loop line in order to get the line open to Rochdale next year.

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