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28 Oct 11   A walk to Manchester, this time via Ashton Old Road, for another architectural walkabout,
then jumped on a tram to Salford quays, as you do.  However, as it was crossing the Ship Canal I noticed
some nice reflections in the water so I jumped off at the Exchange Quay stop and jumped on one going
the other way, as you do, to cross back over the water.  Mainly sunny.

The new Beswick Academy and Library.  Walker Simpson, 2009.

PC World store, Fairfield Street.

Terracotta relief on the old London Road Fire Station.

'A Monument to Vimto' by Kerry Morrison (1992), on Granby Row.  
Vimto was first produced on this site in 1908.

Detail from Lancaster House, Princess Street.  Harry S. Fairhurst, 1910.

The Rembrandt Inn (Rem Bar), Canal Street.

Minshull Street Crown Court.  Thomas Worthington, 1867-73.  Grade II* listed.

Detail from the Minshull Street Crown Court.

Piccadilly Plaza.  Covell Matthews and Partners, 1959-65

Window cleaner on an office tower.

Brick mural on the wall of a car park, Chinatown.

The Liverpool London and Globe Insurance building, Albert Square.  Percy Worthington, 1903.

The Beetham Tower and Great Northern Tower from Albert Square.

The Town Hall tower.  Alfred Waterhouse, 1877.

The John Rylands Library.  Basil Champneys, 1900.
The library was founded by Mrs Enriqueta Augustina Rylands in memory of her late husband, the cotton merchant John Rylands.
 The foundations of the Library's collections were the Althorp Library of Lord Spencer acquired in 1892 and a part of the Bibliotheca
Lindesiana purchased from James Lindsay, 26th Earl of Crawford, in 1901.  The Bibliotheca Lindesiana was one of the most impressive
private collections in Britain at the time, both for its size and for the rarity of some of the materials it contained, including Chinese and
Japanese printed books.  The collections include exquisite medieval illuminated manuscripts, examples of the earliest forms of European
printing including a fine paper copy of the Gutenberg Bible and a collection of books printed by William Caxton, as well as the personal
papers of distinguished historical figures including Elizabeth Gaskell, John Dalton and John Wesley.  The library also houses the papyrus
fragments known as the Rylands Papyri and documents from North Africa.  The most notable of these is the St John Fragment,
believed to be the oldest extant New Testament document.

The John Rylands Library, Deansgate.

Hardman Square, Spinningfields.

Entrance to the Museum of Science and Industry.

The Beetham (or Hilton) Tower.  Ian Simpson, 2006.

Exchange Quay buildings, Salford.

The Soapworks, Ivy Wharf, Salford.   A former Colgate-Palmolive factory
now being converted for office, retail and residential use.

The Abito apartments from Exchange Quay.

Exchange Quay reflected in the Manchester Ship Canal
(which is also the river Irwell at this point).

Exchange Quay and the Metrolink bridge.  The Soapworks is on the right.

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