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19 Oct 11   To Salford Quays to have a look (and listen) at the Aeolus sculpture, then to Manchester for a walk round.
Showers at first then a sunny afternoon.

The new Booths store opened this morning at MediaCityUK.  Their first 'urban' store.

The Aeolus sculpture.  I was a bit premature - it's still under construction.

The Eastgate building, Castlefield.  Derives its name from the fact that it is located
along the line of the eastern wall of the Roman fort.  Originally called Gail House
and described as a rag mop factory then a tarpaulin works.  
Today, after a 2.6M conversion, it's high quality offices.

Castlefield Basin.

Castlefield Basin.

Replica of Stephenson's 'Planet' in the Museum of Science and Industry
It was a very brief visit to the museum - I was going to stay longer but it was full of screaming
school kids.  Nice cafe though, so I had a coffee and a Danish, as you do, then came out.

Vantage Point, Hardman St, Spinningfields.  No, your eyes
aren't going funny, the top half really is skewed at an angle.

No 3 Hardman St, Spinningfields.  Sheppard Robson, 2009.

Pleasure boat on the river Irwell.

Wall mural, somewhere in Salford.

The Civil Justice Building, Spinningfields.  Denton Corker Marshall, 2007.

Cook Street Brewery building.  WA Deighton, 1896, for Threlfall's Brewery Company Ltd.  Grade 2 listed.  
The brewery closed in 1988 and it has been converted for mixed business use as part of the Deva Centre.

Manchester Cathedral from Victoria Bridge.

Iron fingerpost on Victoria Bridge.

No.1 Deansgate.  Ian Simpson Architects, 2002.

Manchester Cathedral.  Or to give it its full name -
The Cathedral and Collegiate Church of St Mary, St Denys and St George in Manchester.

Manchester Cathedral.

The Urbis building.  Ian Simpson Architects, 2002.
Soon to be the National Football Museum.

The new Co-op headquarters under construction.

Installing glass panels.  The girders sticking out are to support an outer 'skin' of glass.

A section of the atrium roof support is lowered into place.

Stovells Buildings.  Thomas Horsfield, 1900, extended 1915.  A former umbrella and walking stick factory.
This is the rear of the building - the stepped design allowed more light into the workshops.

Ancoats.  The new headquarters of the 42nd Street charity, nearing completion.

Street lighting and furniture, Mill Street, New Islington.

The Chips building, New Islington.  Will Alsop, 2009.
This is the 10,000th image I've taken with the Nikon D300.

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