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24 August 11    A walk to Ashton to see the latest Metrolink works.  Cloudy at first then sunny.

Manchester Road, Droylsden.  Erecting one of the OHLE poles (Overhead Line Equipment).
Most of these will also double as street lights.

The base is set in a massive block of concrete.

Droylsden Centre acquires a couple of new features prior to a major refurbishment of the precinct.

Just east of the Droylsden stop, outbound track now concreted.

Concreting also completed at the Audenshaw stop.

Off-road section at the back of the Snipe Inn.

Shuttering being prepared where the track crosses over Lord Sheldon Way.

Lord Sheldon Way roundabout.

Stacks of sleepers on Lord Sheldon Way.

First bit of concreting on the approach to Ashton.

Work begins near Ashton town centre.

'Glory of the Garden' by Paul Margetts, 1994.  Ashton.

Detail from 'Glory of the Garden'.

Detail from 'Glory of the Garden'.

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