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30 June 11.  Baile Mhargaite Broch, Invernaver, Sutherland.  Mainly cloudy but cleared later to give a fine evening.

This walk starts near Borgie Bridge and crosses the Invernaver Nature Reserve
to the broch, which overlooks the estuary of the river Naver at Bettyhill.

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A light shower crosses Ben Loyal.

The rocky summit of Druim Chuibhe.

Baile Mhargaite Broch and the river Naver.

Baile Mhargaite Broch and Bettyhill village.

The river Borgie over Torrisdale Bay.  Ben Hutig in the distance.

The deserted beach at Torrisdale Bay.

Ben Loyal over the Kyle of Tongue.

A room with a view.

Yet another spectacular sunset, this time over the Kyle of Tongue.
My campervan is not about to fall over, it's just an effect of the wide-angle lens.

The Kyle of Tongue.

Last light on Ben Loyal.

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