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17 April 11.  A bike ride around East Manchester.  Bright sun.

The new indoor BMX centre under construction at the National Cycling Centre, Sportcity.

Tribute in mosaics to Joe Mercer at the City of Manchester Stadium

The City of Manchester Stadium

Skid control training car.  The small wheels on the outriggers can be raised or lowered independently
so the amount of traction on the car wheels can be varied at will, to simulate any number of driving conditions.

The 'Cotton Field' public realm area of New Islington, nearing completion.
It's not yet open to the public but a couple of sections of security fence
had been pushed down so I sneaked in for a couple of photos.

Apartment block with a hole through it, Ancoats

Varied architectural styles in Ancoats.

Victoria Square, Ancoats.  Opened in 1894, Victoria Square was Manchester Corporation's first municipal housing scheme.
 The building was intended for 848 people in 237 double tenements and 48 single.  The flats had internal bathrooms
and the Square had shared laundries with drying facilities in the top rooms of the corner towers - an attempt
to rid homes of the damp air from drying clothes and thus reduce bronchial complaints. The property continues
to be in council ownership and now provides accommodation for senior citizens.

The Apple Building, Rochdale Road.  A joint venture by Manchester City Council and a private
developer to provide affordable housing for council employees, especially newly qualified teachers.

Refurbished former council flats, circa 1960's (I think), Rochdale Road.

Victoria Mill and the Rochdale Canal, Miles Platting.  A former textile mill, now home to apartments, an adult learning centre,
and offices.  Victoria Mill was built in two phases in 1869 and 1873 to a design by the famous Bolton architect George Woodhouse.
 Pevsner describes the Victoria Mill as, "a building of great presence and a landmark in the area".

The six-storey structure is composed of two symmetrical mill blocks separated by an engine house.

I stumbled upon a WW2 parade, unfortunately just as it had finished.  
This 'tommy' obliged me with a photo, before heading off to Normandy.

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