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6 April 11.  Lime Square, Openshaw.  Bright sun.

Lime Square is the new Openshaw shopping centre.
Just a new Morrison's there at the moment but work on the rest is due to start later this year.

'Dead Blow' by Robert Erskine FRBS.

The inscription reads...
The power of a steam hammer to forge iron and steel, is a statement of
human intent and ingenuity to create machines for the benefit of all.
'Dead Blow' by Robert Erskine FRBS, acknowledges the generations of people in
Openshaw whose occupations and skill created Openshaw's world renowned
reputation for outstanding quality machine tools, so characteristic of its industries.
Fabricated with the assistance of Thos. Storey Fabrications Ltd., Openshaw.
Commissioned by Dransfield Properties Limited, 2010.

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