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19 Mar 11.  A cycle along part of the Green Wheel starting from Ferry Meadows in the Nene Valley Park,
with a brief visit to the town centre followed by a visit to the Flag Fen Archaeology Park.  Bright sun all day.

Wood carving at Ferry Meadows.

A closer look.

Bridge near Ferry Meadows.

The Guildhall, Peterborough.

Reproduction of a bronze age hut, Flag Fen.

Inside the hut.

Another hut with one of the local tribesmen.

Reproduction of the wooden causeway.

Flag Fen Archaeology Park is home to a unique ancient wooden monument; a kilometre long wooden causeway and platform,
perfectly preserved in the wetland.  3500 years ago this was built and used by the Celtic fen people as a place of worship and ritual.
60,000 upright timbers and 250,000 horizontal planks are buried under the ground along with many swords and personal items.

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