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2 Mar 11 part two      To Manchester then a walk back along Ashton New Road to view the latest Metrolink works,
plus a brief detour to the Ashton Canal.  Bright sun.

Rowing on the Irwell, the Hilton Tower in the background (Manchester's tallest building).

Metrolink tram crosses the Irwell/Ship Canal

The Chips building by the Ashton Canal.
Work appears to have started (at last) to open the New Islington link canal.

New tram tracks as they exit Piccadilly Station.

Merrill Street is still closed to traffic, pedestrians are funnelled through a canyon of construction fences.

Merrill Street, Ancoats.

Work has started on installing the OLH (overhead line equipment).

The first shelter arrives at Holt Town stop.

The bridge over the River Medlock.

Platform sections arriving at the Sportcity-Stadium stop, City of Manchester stadium.

Sportcity-Stadium stop, a lot of activity here.

Sportcity-Stadium, platform sections being lifted into place.

The Sportcity-Velodrome stop takes shape.  Ashton New Road behind.

Sportcity-Velodrome stop looking east.
Asda store on the left and Ashton New Road on the right.

Sportcity-Velodrome stop looking west.
City of Manchester stadium on the left and the Asda store on the right.

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