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26 Nov 10      Another walkabout, mainly along the canals.  Bright sun.

The Ashton Canal, Islington Wharf and the Chips building

Dale Street Basin.  Junction of the Ashton and Rochdale canals

The Vantage Quay apartment block, Piccadilly Basin on the Rochdale Canal

'Graduate Training' sculpture on Arthur House, Chorlton Street

'Graduate Training'

Rochdale Canal near the city centre

Duck and bird apartments, Rochdale Canal

A remnant of the former Manchester and Salford Junction Canal

Railings on a bridge next to the Bridgewater Hall

Barbirolli Square

Victorian railway bridge over the Rochdale Canal

Reflections in the canal

Merchant's Bridge at Catalan Square, Castlefield Basin

Merchant's Bridge, Castlefield Basin

Hill Quays apartments

Hill Quays apartments

Parkway Gate apartment block and No.1 City Road office building

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