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MediaCityUK, Salford Quays

11 Oct 10       MediaCityUK, the day after the piazza public realm area opened.  Fine and sunny.

Dock House (BBC) and the 'Orange' building (Salford University)

'The Heart' apartment and the 'Blue' office towers from the piazza

Quay House on the left and Dock House on the right (both BBC)

'The Heart' apartment block with Bridge House (BBC) in front

Imperial War Museum North and the new swing footbridge from 'The Heart'

The Studio from Bridge House.  No.1 apartment block behind

Bridge House from The Studio

Lighting columns on the piazza.  The Lowry Centre behind.

Lighting columns on the piazza.  Dock House and No.1 apartments behind.

Canopy at the base of the lighting columns

Canopy and lighting columns

The Millennium footbridge from 'The Heart'

The Manchester Ship Canal

The new swing footbridge nears completion

Spreading resin for the surface finish on the new promenade

No, they didn't get stuck, they wore spikes on their boots

The new promenade on the Trafford side of the canal

Sculling on the Quays

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