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29 May 09       The Twelve Bens of Connemara.   Some low cloud at first then sunshine.  Very windy later.

The classic round of the Glencoaghan Horseshoe - 6 summits and 1670m (5480ft) of ascent.

Mist on the Benchoona range.

Eerie light on the Maumturks.

Mist on the Maumturks

Bengower from Derryclare.

Bencollaghduff from Bencorr.

Benbreen and Bencollaghduff from Bencorr.

Bencorr and Derryclare from Bencollaghduff.

Benbreen and the Owengin valley from Bencollaghduff.

Bengower from Benbreen.

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