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Tameside, Manchester

2 Feb 09       A fifteen mile walk from home.   Snow showers at first with occasional glimpses of the sun.  More general heavy snow later.  

The Ashton Canal at Droylsden

The Ashton Canal

Fairfield locks footbridge

Even the litter looks good in the snow

Now in Audenshaw

Snow on a narrowboat

Heavy snow at Portland Basin, Ashton-under-Lyne.
This is the start of the Peak Forest Canal.


Statue of Jack Judge who wrote the song 'It's a long way to Tipperary".
He was performing in Stalybridge and the story goes that someone challenged him with a bet of five shillings
that he could not write a new song that day and then perform it on stage during that evening's performance.
He wrote the song and won the bet, performing it for the first time on the stage of The Grand Theatre during
the evening's performance on 31 January 1912.  It became one of the most famous songs of the first world war.

A little brighter on the Huddersfield Canal

A brief glimpse of the sun over Mossley

Windy up here - drifting snow on a lane above Mossley

The road to Hartshead Pike with the weather closing in again.

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