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The island of Ireland extends over 84,421 sq km of which five-sixths belong to the Republic, with the remainder constituting Northern Ireland.  The west-coast of Ireland mostly consists of cliffs, hills and mountains (the highest point being Carrauntoohil at 1,041 m).  In from the perimeter, the country is mostly relatively flat farmland, traversed by rivers such as the River Shannon and several large lakes or loughs.  Most of the regions of Ireland were formed by glaciation in the last Ice Age of 20,000 to 10,000 years ago.

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Not counting a visit to Northern Ireland when I was a young child, about which I can remember very little, my first visit to Ireland was in 1968.  When I get time I'll dig out some of my old slides of this trip and if there's any worth a second glance I'll add them here.  The first set of images were all taken on a visit to Co. Kerry in the spring of 2005 and the second batch is from a two week visit over Easter 2007.  In 2009 I spent the whole of May in Ireland and, although we had some bad weather for the first half, I took a lot of pictures..!   Most of the second half of the month was spent camping at Renvyle beach in Connemara, where we climbed most of the hills around, so the third set is heavily biased to this area (and there's quite a lot of pictures from the beach...).  I had hoped to get up to Donegal and even into Northern Ireland but due to weather delays (and too many hills to climb) we didn't make it that far north.  Looks like another trip is on the cards - watch this space.

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