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Iceland lies just below the Arctic Circle in the North Atlantic Ocean, about 300 km (185 miles) south east of Greenland, about 800 km (500 miles) north west of Scotland.  It is roughly oval in shape, and the coastline, with a total length of about 5,955 km (3,700 miles), is deeply indented, especially in the west and north.  Geologically young and volcanic in origin, Iceland consists predominantly of uninhabitable lava tablelands with mountainous outcroppings; the lowlands, situated mainly along the coast, especially in the south and south west, occupy about 25 per cent of the total area.  Almost all of Iceland's population lives along the coast; nearly three-quarters of them in the south west, in Reykyavík and its environs.

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Elevations in the uplands average between about 610 and 915 m (2,000 and 3,000 ft). Hvannadalshnúkur (2,119 m/6,952 ft), in the south east, is the highest point.  Nearly 15 per cent of the surface of Iceland is covered by snowfields and glaciers. Vatnajökull, in the south east, is the largest of Iceland's 120 or more glaciers. It covers about 8,550 sq km (3,300 sq miles) and is equal in area to all of continental Europe's glaciers combined. The island also has numerous small lakes and swift-flowing rivers, mainly of glacial origins.  Iceland lies atop one of the major fault lines in the earth's crust, the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.  As a result it is one of the most tectonically active places on earth, with a wealth of volcanoes, thermal springs and solfataras (volcanic vents emitting hot gases and vapours).

These photos were taken in 1984 on a trek in the south west corner of Iceland.  Unfortunately, some of my best transparencies are deposited with a photo library and at the time I didn't have the means to scan them before I sent them off.  Well, I suppose I could have put them onto PhotoCD but it was back in the dark ages of computing and, as I didn't even have a CD drive then, it never entered my head.

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· · ·   New images, added Sept 2005, taken during a stop-over on the way to Greenland  · · ·

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