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Monuments, memorials and civic statuary are probably the oldest form of public art, although architectural sculpture and even architecture itself often fulfils the definition of public art.  Other aspects of the built environment are often seen as candidates for public art, including street furniture, lighting and graffiti. Also the term 'public art' is not confined to physical objects; music, dance, procession, street theatre and even poetry have proponents that specialize in public art.   For obvious reasons this collection of photographs concentrates on outdoor sculpture, though any other forms of public art that I stumble across will no doubt be fair game for my camera.  I'll also include some buildings if I feel the architecture merits the term 'art' - you might not agree with my choice but it's my website so you'll have to live with it..!

Inevitably this collection will be biased toward Greater Manchester but I'll include artworks from other areas whenever I come across them.

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